David McQuillan

Yorkshire based visual artist

A symbolic light has long been a part of my drawings of forests and trees. I was initially drawn to the symbol of the forest through it’s connection to folklore, fairy tales and in old folk songs and murder ballads; dark, beautiful but imposing. I began to see the forest as a kind of prison with the light beyond representing hope, something to aspire to, or a way out. I produced works in series, often paring them with words or music, enjoying the way viewers formed narratives.

Often, in fairy tales and folklore, the forest represents the subconscious mind. Those feelings of trees, forests and being trapped come up often. But so does the beauty of nature, the search for light and the hope and purpose one needs to recover.

“We set out on a journey, and that journey can be long and very hard, for the light is often buried deep, emerging from the darkness” – Nick Cave

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